Film Services

I now offer in house film processing and High Resolution Scanning for C41 Process (Color)  film, from 35mm to 120mm!!! As far as I know, I am the only one to offer these services locally. The quality of all my scans are roughly 10X the resolution of what you would get from Walgreens!!! I always try to uphold the highest level of quality in all my film work preserving this fantastic medium. All prints are SOLD SEPERATELY and are not included in film developing costs.

  • Develop and Scan Mail In

    Film Processing and High Resolution Scanning Done In an out of town lab, great quality, average 1.5 week turnaround. Automatic dust removal only.


    $25 per roll

  • Develop and Scan in House

    Film Processing and High Resolution Scanning Done In House Locally, by yours truly. With automatic dust removal. Average 2-3 Day Turnaround.


    $35 per roll

  • Just Scan

    Just trying to preserve old memories, no worries. High Resolution scans of your negatives are available locally *$25 minimum* Automatic dust removal.


    $25 per roll

  • Scan +

    Add this to any scan to get the best results by using a real human to fix things! Manual tonal adjustments, and Manual dust and scratch repair on top of the automatic dust removal.


    $10 per roll

*A note about film*

Film is not a perfect medium, (that's what I love about it!) as such things beyond my control can effect the finished results. Expired film or film that has been exposed to heat can yeild drastically worse results than film that was cared for properly. Also, although I take every precaution, dust happens, and is the foe of every photo scan. Basic processing and scanning includes automatic dust removal, Scan + option includes manual dust removal. At this time, I am not able to make contact sheets.


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