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Film Processing

We now offer in house, high resolution film scanning and processing of your 35mm and Medium Format film. We make high resolution, roughly 16-24 MegaPixel scans of 35mm negatives. We uphold the highest level of quality in all our film work preserving this fantastic medium. PLEASE NOTE: *We are not a full fledged film development center, we are just offering this service as a curtesy to our local customers.* *Prices may be subject to change*  *Due to chemical shortages turn around times may be unpredictable.*


Develop and Scan Mail In

Film Processing and High Resolution Scanning Done in an out of town lab, great quality, average 1.5 week turnaround.

*B&W + $2*


$30 per roll


Just Scan

Just trying to preserve old memories, no worries. High Resolution scans of your negatives are available locally

*$10 minimum* Uploaded via email or dropbox.


$2 per frame


In House Develop + Scan

I hand develop 35mm color film (c41) or black and white film, and scan your images for the best quality! Average turnaround is 3 days. Uploaded via dropbox.


$30 per roll

*A note about film*

Film is not a perfect medium, (that's what we love about it!) as such, some things beyond our control can effect the finished results. Also, although we take every precaution, dust happens, and is the foe of every film scan.