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What can Montrose, Colorado offer photographers?

Why on earth do I live in a small high desert town?

Panorama of the San Juan Mountains from Montrose Colorado
Panorama of the San Juan Mountains as seen from Montrose Colorado


I'm not much of a city person, but I still want access to modern conveniences. Montrose, Colorado has you covered if you want small town atmosphere, and all the conveniences normally found only in larger cities. With a population of roughly 20,000. (est. as of 2021) it's cozy, but not too small.


Save for a few cold days in winter, and hot ones in the summer, year-round temperatures are mild. Best of all, no matter the temperature, the sun is always shining! No, Really! Montrose, Colorado averages 245 sunny days per year!!! The friendly climate makes it easy to explore the surrounding area and scout out the best locations for a photoshoot.


There are few places in the world where you can completely change your scenery so rapidly. You can find, snow covered mountain tops, large bodies of water, adobe deserts, pine forests, aspen groves, open farm land, and massive canyons, all within a 45 minute drive!!! This provides nearly endless variety as a canvas or backdrop for true creative freedom when it comes to photography! The only thing Montrose is missing is an ocean!!!


With so many different biomes so close together and their relative ease of access, it's no wonder that outdoor recreation is so popular. Activities around Montrose include, skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing, mountaineering, hiking, kayaking, white water rafting, hunting, fishing, skydiving, mountain biking, and camping just to name a few. You don't even need snow to go sledding in Montrose!


While there are still many far flung places I'd like to visit, as a photographer, I would be hard pressed to find another location other than Montrose, Colorado that could afford me all the same options for both scenery and ease of living.

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Hello, my name is Johnny Lee and I'm your friendly neighborhood photographer. 😉 I LOVE telling stories!!! I adore traveling, exploring, and learning new things. I hold myself to the highest standards, and try to make people feel comfortable in their own skin. I find the beauty others don't see in themselves, and can help you share it with the world. This is your story, but I can help you tell it.

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