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What can Durango, Colorado offer photographers?

What makes Durango, CO special?



With a rich history going all the way back to the Puebloans some 2,500 years ago, and the more recent history of the mining boom that hit the area around 1860, Durango Colorado is built on stories and artifacts of bygone eras. One of these, the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad is a site to behold puffing it's way along the animas river. If you have never felt the sheer force and ground shaking awe of a steam locomotive up close, make this part of your journey. Better yet, you can book a ride on this iron beast for a taste of what the west was like in 1882.

Extreme Diversity

What do these photos all have in common? They were taken less than 20 miles apart in a single summer day! The area in and around Durango, Colorado is quite diverse and offers many different beautiful opportunities for the discerning photographer. Local attractions include the Pinkerton Hot Springs and the recently finished / upgraded Lake Nighthorse Both the lake and the hot springs are actually more vibrant in color than in the above photos! Want even more diversity? Head west out of Durango and in less than an hour you will find yourself at Mesa Verde National Park where you can tour ancient cliff dwellings, and enjoy amazing star gazing photo sessions! Prefer your photos to be more mountain adventure in style? Head roughly 25 miles north of Durango and you will be in the Purgatory Resort area deep in the San Juans with stunning views and activities in both winter and summer.


While not strictly photography related, a traveling photographer still has to eat! In my opinion Durango has some of the best food at the best prices of anywhere in western Colorado. I was truly stunned as a long time resident of western Colorado to find this quality of food and service for prices less than I'm used to paying. Some of the dining locations reminded me of nice establishments I have visited in much larger cities like Bend, Oregon or Denver. To say that I enjoyed my dinners here would be a massive understatement!

Mild Weather with Seasons

Being in the lower portion of the San Juan Mountain range, and near the semi-arid desert of the southwest, Durango enjoys relatively mild weather year round. However the town still experiences all 4 seasons and has different beauty to share in each of them. This means you can get outdoors with your camera and enjoy the scenery without always having to brave poor weather conditions.


As a photographer, there are still many far off places I want to visit. Durango, Colorado however, offers amazing scenery mixed with mild weather and great amenities. I have only scratched the surface of what Durango has to offer, and I will most certainly be back!

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If you know of other great reasons why a photographer would want to hang out in Durango, CO!

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