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Why hire a Photographer for your Social Media?

Is it worth it to hire a pro photographer for your Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter?

Business Man Struggles with Social Media Advertising

We are Visual Creatures

Scientific research has shown that infants as young as one day old seem to prefer images of more attractive faces. It's hard wired into us from birth. Consider now how you use Facebook or Instagram. What stops the endless scrolling? Only something that really catches your eye!

We Equate Quality Photos with a Quality Product

Consider, when shopping on Ebay or Amazon, are you likely to buy a product with poor product photos, especially if there is another listing for the same item, but with good quality photos? Online consumers are generally willing to pay more money for a product with better product photos, than for the same exact product, but with poor quality photos.

Are You a Business, Do You Have A Brand?

If you have a business or are trying to grow your brand, you need to be connecting with your followers and perspective clients. The best way to do that in this day and age is with social media. Instagram has 500+ million daily users and Facebook has 1.62 billion daily users. You really can't afford to ignore social media and it's power for marketing your business or brand.

Can't I Just Take All My Social Media Photos Myself?

Well, maybe... it depends. You have to start seeing social media as marketing and not just a fun place to hang out. Do brands like Sony and Mercedes Benz just have their executives snap photos of their product for social media with their cell phones? Of Course Not!!! These brands spend a ton of money on entire art directed photoshoots for their social media. Why? Because they understand that their brands are perceived in a certain way because of the images they post. (Side-note: Most business and brand owners that attempt to do this on their own quickly find themselves wondering what to take photos of, find it to be quite a chore, or feel they are wasting time away from their purpose, and are seldom happy with the results)

Brand Photographers Make You & Your Business Look Cool

How many times have you taken a selfie only to be disappointed by the results? How many more photos did you have to take until you got it right? A professional photographer has been through this process with many different subjects hundreds if not thousands of times. They bring this hard earned knowledge with them. This allows you to leverage all of their hard earned know-how for your business, without having to learn yet another skill yourself.


If you have a business or a brand, you really should hire a professional photographer to help you promote your business on social media. They will make your brand stand out from the crowd and look like the premium brand you try to be. If however, you are an individual with no real aim on social media, then maybe just booking a portrait session once in a while to update your profile picture might be just what the doctor ordered.

More Information

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