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2021 Year of the Micro Wedding / Elopement

Why Micro Weddings make more sense now.

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2020 Was a Rough Year

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a tragic development on the world scene. For those planning a wedding, 2020 was a year of many disappointments. From countless reschedulings, to ever changing guidelines, and full on lockdowns, trying to plan any event in 2020 became an exercise in futility. Many weddings were either postponed, or drastically changed to match local laws and recommendations. With restrictions easing in some lands, many couples started looking to 2021 or even 2022 for their weddings.

What is a Micro Wedding?

Micro weddings are smaller wedding celebrations consisting of 20 or less guests. They often take place outdoors or in smaller venues. Micro wedding celebrations are shorter in duration than traditional weddings and often have a more relaxed atmosphere.

Forced into a Micro Wedding?

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For many, it's a matter of practicality. The pandemic has hindered our ability to have large gatherings and stopped or slowed our ability to travel. Many wedding vendors and venues have permanently shuttered their doors, no longer able to stay in business amidst the changing world circumstances. These factors and others have lead more couples to reevaluate their wedding plans. Micro weddings are greatly unaffected by these developments and may actually provide some benefits you may not have thought of.

Benefits of a Micro Wedding

Less Stress

Micro weddings are usually smaller in guest count and shorter in duration than traditional wedding celebrations. This translates into easier planning and easier management of festivities. Micro weddings are often less formal than traditional weddings, which can also mean that less preparation is required.

Less Expense

Wallet in a Vise

With fewer guests, fewer venue fees, and the overall more casual environment of a micro wedding, you may find that you have more money left over than if you were footing the bill for a traditional wedding. You could be frugal, and save that extra cash or you could employ my next tip.

Better Quality

Because of the smaller number of guests, and other savings mentioned above, you may be able to spoil yourself and your guests more lavishly. Instead of run of the mill food, you may be able to afford gourmet food. You may now have the funds for a live band or fancier cake than you would if you were planning a traditional wedding.

Invite only who you REALLY want

While it may sound a bit rude, there are often people you feel obligated to invite to your wedding that you really don't want there. A micro wedding solves this problem by being small in nature. There are only so many guest allowed, so leaving someone out isn't seen as such a slight.

Include Everyone!!!

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While this may sound odd after the last heading, you can include more people in your special day than ever before by live streaming the event. This is especially helpful for including people who cannot travel to your wedding due to health, age or cost. By live streaming your wedding celebration via a service like zoom you can share your special day with all your friends and family, while also controlling who you allow in.


2020 has normalized the idea of Micro Weddings, and removed much of the stigma from elopements. For many love birds, it just makes sense to have a smaller wedding celebration. If you are thinking of having a micro wedding or elopement and need a photographer, videographer, or live streaming services, please contact me and I will put together a custom package just for you!

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If you can think of other reasons why a micro wedding or elopement might be a better alternative in 2021.

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